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Seneca College




More students choose Seneca College than any other college in Canada. Every year we welcome more than 2,000 international students from 75 countries. Seneca has 8 campuses in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, and its surrounding area. International students can choose from 160 different diploma programs and 10 bachelor’s degrees. For students who already have graduated from college or university, we also have one-year graduate certificate programs for specialized career training.




Why Choose Seneca?

  • Largest Government Funded College in Canada — Accredited and Highly Respected around the WORLD
  • Alumni who are Top Business Executives, Govt Leaders, Canadian Ambassadors, National Journalists, Fashion Designers, Oscar winning 3D Animators, Software Engineers, Biotechnologists, Electrical Engineers, Business owners employing current and future Seneca graduates..... to name just a few of our success stories.
  • Curriculum that is continually reviewed to current and future market demands so our graduates are more than ready for the job market
  • Recent Govt survey says: Over 94.3% of Employers are VERY SATISFIED with Seneca graduates skills and knowledge!
  • Only College in Canada recognised at the 2005 Academy Award `OSCAR' Ceremonies
  • Largest Business College in Canada
  • Offers "Career Jump Starts" through 4 MONTH Work Terms in the 2nd and 3rd year of most program areas.
  • Over 5,000 PC's for student use
  • Very proud of the fact that 'Over 95% of `Current International Students' recommend Seneca to their friends and family
  • Largest number of full-time STAFF dedicated solely to work for Seneca International students — 22 in total.

Reasons to Choose Canada:

  • Educational System is one of the Best in the World
  • Welcomes people from all over the world - one of the most multicultural countries in the world
  • Standard of living - one of the best in the world - ranked one of the best countries in the world to live, work and study
  • One of the most beautiful countries in the world - from the Rocky Mountains to magnificent forests and spectacular lakes - it is a nature paradise 


Reasons to Choose Toronto:

  • One of the most multicutural cities in the world
  • A spectacular waterfront city - ferries to the islands - cruises - waterfront cafes - waterfront rock and music concerts
  • Year Round fun - something is always happening in Toronto 
    Music Festivals, Theatre Festivals, Sports Festivals, Movie Festivals, Food Festivals, Cultural Festivals
  • A clean, friendly and safe big city - 4.5 million people in the Toronto area
  • With more than 80 cultures represented in our city - it is a eating and shopping paradise! 


The Seneca Advantage:

  • Canada's Largest Government Funded and Government Accredited College (1967) — 8 Campus Locations 
  • Small Campus friendliness, with BIG city advantages
  • Over 2,000+ international students from 75 countries — 17,800 students total
  • Over 140 dynamic career focused PROGRAMS
  • 4 year Bachelor DEGREES
  • 2 and 3 year "Workplace Ready" DIPLOMAS
  • 1 year "Career Specialized" POST GRADUATE Programs
  • Begin your Seneca Program in September, January or May
  • Seneca Programs are designed with input from Business & Industry leaders and respected around the world 
  • Seneca spends millions $$$ annually keeping classrooms, labs and computerized equipment leading edge
  • 30-40 Students in a Class — you get the individual attention you need
  • Worldwide Network of Partnering Universities, numbering 50+ - offers future academic opportunities within Canada and around the world
  • A clean, friendly and safe big city - 4.5 million people in the Toronto area
  • With more than 80 cultures represented in our city - it is a eating and shopping paradise!

To find out more about Seneca College, study programmes, entry requirements, admissions procedure, visa procedure and get answers to any other questions that you may have in relation to studying abroad, please, contact our offices and sign up for a free of charge consultation:

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