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Mile after mile of unspoilt beaches... ancient forests and lush native bush... lakes, rivers and waterfalls... a subtropical climate... renowned marine and historic attractions.



Northland. The birth of a nation, some call it; still a stronghold of Maori culture. A place where wealthy individuals from around the world aspire to spend their time alongside struggling artists.

At the heart of this natural and creative richness, the region's largest tertiary institution: NorthTec. An organisation founded to serve the region's blend of hard work, creative flair and entrepreneurship. Four campuses, set within Whangarei city, Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands and Rawene on the shores of the Hokianga.


A brief history of NorthTec


NorthTec is the region's largest provider of tertiary education, with campuses and learning centres in Whangarei city and Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, and Learning Centres in Rawene on the shores of the Hokianga, Dargaville, Kaikohe and our northernmost site in Kaitaia. NorthTec remains the only Northland-based Tertiary Education Institute (TEI) that provides programmes from foundation to degree level.


Originally opened as the Northland Community College in 1978, with a staff of ten tutors, the college was hailed as "a significant centre for learning and an administrative centre for courses to be run in the wider community." In 1987 Northland Community College changed its name to Northland Polytechnic [Tai Tokerau Wananga] and to NorthTec [Tai Tokerau Wananga] in June 2006.


Now 30 years later our institution has taken courses beyond the main campus to the two-thirds of northland's population who do not live in Whangarei.


NorthTec staff and management are committed to the Charter to make tertiary education accessible to all Northlanders. NorthTec offers its students high quality and industry-focused education, with flexible learning options and a personalised classroom approach.


Commitment of NorthTec to its students extends beyond the campus boundaries. It has solid partnerships with iwi, other institutions, industry organisations and advisors, to further enable the institution to meet NorthTec's mission of developing Northland and its people through tertiary education. NorthTec prides itself on the fact that when its students are ready to leave it they graduate with the knowledge and practical skill base needed “in the real world” of business and enterprise.


NorthTec supports and encourages the development of its staff and a strong research culture. Staff continue to participate in a wide range of research and other developmental activities, with particular encouragement being given to new researchers to attend workshops and presentations. Its staff and established researchers are increasingly collaborating both internally and externally to ensure the quality of what NorthTec offer its students.


Academic Courses


At NorthTec students can gain an internationally recognised Degree, Diploma or Certificate.


Bachelor Degree Programmes:

  • Applied Arts
  • Applied Information Systems
  • Applied Social Services
  • Business Management
  • Nursing

Diploma and Certificate Programmes:


Applied Arts, Architecture, Aviation, Beauty Therapy, Boat Building, Business, Carpentry, Computing, Conservation & Environmental Management, E-commerce, Engineering, Forestry, Hairdressing, Hospitality, Information Systems, Massage, Sport & Leisure, Textiles & Fashion Design, Travel & Tourism.



Academic Pathways:


NorthTec has a partnership agreement with Massey University that provides staircasing opportunities between our degrees and diplomas and their awards.



  • Preparation for Tertiary or Secondary Study (including IELTS Preparation)
  • General English (Improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills)
  • English and Flying
  • English and Scuba Diving
  • English and Computer Skills


NorthTec has been accredited by The British Council as an official IELTS Testing Centre.


All our programmes have been approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). NorthTec is a signatory to the New Zealand Ministry of Education's Code of Practice. The academic staff have extensive industry experience and must all either have completed, or be studying towards, a qualification at a level higher than the programme they teach.



A Supportive Environment

Teaching styles in New Zealand can be quite different to the ones students are used to at home. Here, students are encouraged to ask questions in class, work in groups, apply the theory to real life situations and make presentations to other students.  It can be easier to adapt to these new challenges in a small class and with the high level of tutor support students will find in a Polytechnic. There are lots of support programmes available to give you individual assistance should tudents need it.


Smaller class sizes and individual attention from tutors

OK, so there are times when it would be great to be the anonymous Student in a quiet corner of a massive lecture theatre. But what you really want from your time as a student is a recognised qualification which leads to an exciting and rewarding career. At NorthTec, they think that's a result of personal attention from tutors who have an appreciation of individual learning styles. Most of the programmes have no more than 15 students to a tutor.


A Campus Designed to Help You Focus on Your Studies

The NorthTec campus is set in park-like grounds which provide an ideal environment for concentrating on studies. There are no major roads through the campus, no high-rise classroom buildings, and car parking is free.


A Warm, Affordable Living Environment

With less traffic than larger cities, students won't spend hours commuting to class every day. Students can save up to 40% on living expenses compared with studying in larger New Zealand cities like Auckland. Whangarei is a vibrant harbour-side city with lots of boutique shopping opportunities, a wide variety of restaurants, an active nightlife scene and a thriving cafe culture. Here, the climate is great  (warm, but not too hot in summer and mild temperatures throughout the winter). There are lots of opportunities to enjoy the wonderful natural environment (e.g. world class scuba diving, white sandy beaches, sailing, bush walks, cycling).

To find out more about North Tec, study programmes, entry requirements, admissions procedure, visa procedure and get answers to any other questions that you may have in relation to studying abroad, please, contact our offices and sign up for a free of charge consultation:

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