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Istituto Marangoni


Istituto Marangoni is a fashion institute with campuses in Milan, London, and Paris. It was founded and granted the status of 'Professional Art School' on December 17, 1935. Under the Ministerial Decree of 13 February 1951, the status of the school was raised to 'Institute'. Today, the value of diplomas and certificates issued by the institute mainly lies in the reputation that has been established in over seventy years of continuous activity.

  • The Heritage

Istituto Marangoni was founded in 1935 in Milan. Since then, the objective has been to prepare highly skilled professionals for the fashion and design industries. Today the objective remains the same. Over the last 70 years Istituto Marangoni has played a significant role in the development of the Italian fashion industry: constantly updating its courses, creating young creative talents, and providing immediate answers to the market necessities.


Alongside the original fashion design course, Marangoni offers Basic courses (three year programs), One-Year and Master Programmes in the fields of Design and Fashion such as: Fashion Business, Fashion Buying, Brand Management and Fashion Promotion, Interior Design, Product Design and Graphic Design. The institute has taught 3 generations of students, a total of over 30.000 professionals, and has been the ‘launch platform’ for a series of world renowned names, such as: Franco Moschino, Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana), Maurizio Pecoraro, Alessandro De Benedetti, Stefano Guerriero, Alessandra Facchinetti, Rafael Lopez and Alexandro Palombo.

  • The Method

The Marangoni Method: Professional teaching and an International soul The mission of Istituto Marangoni is to create professionals for both the Design and Fashion industries by developing the technical skills and creativity of students. The Istituto offers a unique education methodology, - the professionals of today teaching the professionals of tomorrow. In addition, students have the unique opportunity to take part in special projects organised in association with leading brands of the fashion and design industries. Most recently students have worked with companies including Harrods, Fendi, Guess?, Glamour, Elle, Vogue, Giorgio Armani, Lonsdale, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Fashion TV, Nokia among others.

Over 2.200 students from 71 countries meet at Istituto Marangoni every year. Each one brings their own interests and sense of life thus creating cosmopolitan surroundings vital for raising the creative talent of the future.


Istituto Marangoni has three Campuses in the so-called golden quadrangle of fashion: around via Montenapoleone in Milan, in Avenue Raymond Poincaré - the Parisian haute couture heart (into the 16th Arrondissement) and Fashion Street (E1) area in London. Thus Istituto Marangoni provides students with a unique opportunity for students to study and live in any of the three capitals of world fashion and design: Milan with its prêt-a-porter and interior design, Paris with its Haute Couture and new design and London with the street fashion and the young arts.

  • Facilities for Students

Information and Guidance Istituto Marangoni offers a wide range of services to all students. Students are encouraged to attend an open day prior to enrolment. Alternatively, our information office staff is available for individual meetings in one of our Campuses. A visit is highly recommended so that candidates can see the student facilities, understand how Marangoni can help in the job placement process, experience the ‘Made in Marangoni’ style, but above all choose the right course according to their capabilities and attitudes.

Placement Office: the Network from studies to work The placement office has always been one of the most important and recognised activities of Istituto Marangoni. The office is the bridge between requests from students and offers from design and fashion companies. Marangoni placement office every year collects more than 500 internship or job requests from companies and it places, every year, more than 90% of its graduated students.

  • Programmes in Milan, Paris and London

The institute provides a wide variety of course structures to suit the different needs of their international student body, with a special academic focus in the area of Fashion and Design. The different course offerings include Three-Week Summer Courses, One-Year Basic Programmes, Three-Year Basic Programmes, and One-Year Master Programmes in Fashion Design, Fashion Styling, Fashion Business, Fashion Accessories, Fashion Promotion, Brand Management, Fashion Buying, Interior Design, Design Direction, and Product Design.


BASIC COURSES (Milan, Paris and London) These are three year programs aimed at students who want to prove themselves in the fashion and design area but lack any specific training. Course language: Italian in Milan, French in Paris and English in London.

Fashion Design Course
Fashion Stylist Course
Fashion Business Course

Interior Design Course
Product Design Course
Graphic Design Course

ONE-YEAR PROGRAMMES. One-year Courses have been specifically designed to meet the needs of those students who have limited time availability and no specific basic knowledge. Course languages: Italian and English in Milan, French and English in Paris and English in London.

One-Year Fashion Design Course (Milan, Paris and London)
One-Year Pattern Making Course (Milan and Paris)
One-Year Interior Design Course (Milan and London)

SUMMER COURSES (Milan, Paris and London). Summer courses give you an overview of the fashion and design system as well as allow you to enjoy a brief stay in Milan or London. Course languages: Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese.


Fashion Design Course
Image Consultant Course
Fashion Marketing Course

Interior Design Course
Graphic Design Course
Product Design Course

  • Who's Who

The institute has taught 3 generations of students, a total of over 30,000 professionals, and has been the ‘launch platform’ for a series of world renowned names, such as: • Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana) • Franco Moschino • Maurizio Pecoraro [1] • Alessendro de Benedetti • Alexandro Palombo • Alessandra Facchinetti (Valentino) • Alberto Cantù (Giorgio Armani) • Antonio Fontana (Prada) • Riccardo Chiarot (Ermenegildo Zegna) • Ilaria Icardi (Yves Saint Laurent) • Christina Schulte (Roberto Cavalli) • Monica Dini (Salvatore Ferragamo) • Nino Corito (Trussardi) • Chiara Dalle Luche (Valentino) • Eva Sala (Diesel) • Andrea Pompilio (Bally) • Andrea Fagioli (Versace) • Lara Vai (Calvin Klein) • Roberta Raeli (Benetton) • Joon Hee Park (Etro) • Silvia Mealli (Anteprima) • Youri Ahn (Helmut Lang) • Ubaldo Lanzo (Kookai) • Francesca Marchisio (Max Mara) • Elisa Gnocchi (Tod's) • Tatiana Golubeva (Replay) • Alessandra Plano (Bottega Veneta) • An You Ri (Helmut Lang)

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