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Information Systems Management Institute


Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) is an excellent choice for the people who aspire to get the modern higher education for successful professional career.

is a higher educational establishment, which is well known both in Latvia (EU) and abroad with the permanent accreditation received. ISMA offers you the opportunity of education for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in the sphere of business administration, information technologies and the interpreter in entrepreneurship. The programs have been prepared and are provided with highly qualified professors, lecturers and specialists from the leading branches of entrepreneurship, management, culture information technologies and show business.

Today ISMA is a dynamically developing higher educational establishment with new educational programs, numerous international scientific and industrial, ties and the classrooms equipped with modern technological devices. However, the main pride of the institute is a creative and friendly group of scientists, lecturers and students.

ISMA Study Programmes

1st level study programs, duration - 2 years (1600 $ per ac.y.)
  • Environment Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Entrepreneurship in the field of Real Estate
  • Marketing and Trade
  • Entrepreneurship in Restaurant Business
  • Project Management in the field of Culture
  • Insurance
  • Finance and Banking

Bachelor’s study programs, duration - 4 years (1800 $ per ac.y.)
  • Business Administration with specialization in: Law Provision Management, Culture Management, Leisure Organizer (Animator), Computer Technologies in Management, Oil-Chemistry Industry Management, Management of Nanotechnologies, International Communications in Business and Management, Trade Management, Environment Design
  • Tourism Management with specialization in: Hospitality Management, Business Administration in Tourism
  • Information Systems with specialization in: Telecommunication Systems, Computer Systems Aministration and Safety, Intellectual Education Systems, Applied Systems of Computer Modeling, Applied Electronics Computing Systems, Web Technologies, Computer Design and Media Technologies

Master’s study programs (1800 $ per ac. y.)
  • Business Administration. This program is based on international co-operation with the University College Birmingham. ISMA graduates receive two diplomas: ISMA Master’s Degree Diploma in Business Administration and UCB Master’s Degree in Tourism Business Administration. Course duration: - 2 years, 2 diplomas ISMA, UCB (total: 3600 $); - 1.5 year, 2 diplomas ISMA, UCB (total 3300 $); - 1 year ISMA MBA diploma (total: 3000 $). 
  • Computer Systems, course duration 2-3 years
  • International Marketing and Trade, course duration 1 year
Doctor’s study program
  • Business Administration, course duration 3 years

For more information, please, visit Information Systems Management Institute (ISMA) website.

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