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What our students say

Thanks to Linkturs Egypt I am now studying in London, and it is a great experience for me. During my time here, I got to meet new friends and see a different culture. Personally, I enjoy living in London because it is a vibrant city and there is always something to do. On the other hand, this does not keep me away from my studies, therefore I had to balance my time in order to achieve the grades I want. That is why university is an important factor to consider, to me Kings College London is an outstanding university, and I take pleasure in studying there. The teachers are well experienced and extremely helpful when needed, and there are great student services. Living away from home is not easy; however, as time passes by you get used to the conditions and you start to construct and see yourself as an independent person. I did face some difficulties at first but I decided that I had to stay and be determined about my studies as well as my future..
Kings College London (UK), International Foundation Programme


I have the best impressions about my school. Teaching quality is excellent – I enjoy every lecture. The service of “Linkturs” was excellent, and that was worth the money.

Southampton Solent University (UK), International Tourism Management


Thank you very much for everything you did for me to be here. Everything was done on time. If I had any questions, you always helped me. I am aware that without your help I would not be able to do this.
University of Huddersfield (UK), Advertisement and Marketing

I started studies in UK guided by my ambitions and also by Educational Centre “Linkturs”. I entered the course of engineering and management. I haven’t regret my choice for a minute – the course is very dynamic.
University of Bradford (UK), Engineering and Management

Летом 2007 года я уехала учиться в 11 класс обычной американской школы в штате Арканзас. О программе у меня остались самые приятные вопоминания. Для американских учителей каждый – личность. В школе я танцевала в группе поддержки на различных спортивных мероприятиях. Было здорово!
A participant of international culture exchange programme “Academic Year in USA”


Now I am the 1st year student onto Politics and Foreign Affairs course at Bath University. However I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to enter it if I had not finished my secondary education at one of the best private schools in England – Taunton School. Private school in England it is a uniform, regular supervision from teachers and possibilities to prove yourself in studies and sport.
A graduate of Taunton School (UK), secondary school programme A-level


LINKTURS ROCKS!!!! :) You helped me find the way in my life. 10++ :) I wish you all the best and may you have more students to send for studies abroad!
University of Wolverhampton (UK), International Hotel and Tourism Management


У образования за рубежом есть много преимуществ. Программы обучения намного детальней. Преподаватели и возможности университетов служат во благо студентов с главной целью – помочь! Возможности при желании и рвении – неограниченные.
University of Dundee (UK), Geopolitics and International Relations

In September 2010 I entered a 2-year programme International Business at Foothill De Anza College in California. Upon completion of one of the leading American state colleges one can start working in speciality or continue studies at university onto Bachelor’s The college is very good. Millions of impressions after only a month of studying and I believe it is worth coming here!
Foothill De Anza College (USA), International Business Associate Programme

2 weeks of English at SPRACHCAFFE language school  just flew away. For the first time I met such high standard. The lessons were thoughtful and interesting thus creating the best ambiance for learning. I will miss everything: tutors, classes, my roommate & even E1 bus I used to go to school  :)) Thank you „Linkturs” for everything  :)
Sprachcaffe Language School (UK)

HIM School in Switzerland gave a solid foundation of all aspects of hotels to make me the rounded hotelier that I am today. The course prepares you for the diversity of the industry and general management. Truly memorable 3 years, educationally and socially.
Graduate of HIM School (Switzerland), Director of Housekeeping at Fairmont Nile City, Cairo

Dear Linkturs staff,


The college makes a very good impression, I am glad and thankful that I have the opportunity to study here at Concord. Studying, as it should be, is relatively hard. As for the surrounding here, it's great. All my schoolmates are very supportive; the elder students are helpful and nice. It seems that the teachers, the staff and the principal are really interested in wellbeing of the first students from Latvia. The courses are getting more interesting. Since I started learning law, I am surer and surer that I would choose it as my future profession. Economics weren't that exiting at the beginning, but it keeps getting better further in the course process. I am sincerely thankful for the assistance you gave me, for the support and encouragement for me and my parents. Big thanks. You can’t rate a handful of help and support. It’s just great. Real big thanks.


Concord College (UK), secondary school programme A-Level


Хотела сказать огромное спасибо за вашу помощь в течение всех моих исканий и принятия решений - я back to Derby, учеба уже началась, и я довольна своим курсом и учителями. А еще нашла работу, так что все налаживается! Дел много, конечно, т.к. это второй год уже и нагрузка больше, но я не жалуюсь! Надеюсь, у вас все отлично! Всем большой привет!


University of Derby (UK), Illustration



Вот и я в прекрасном Саутгемптоне!!!!!!:))))) Я влюбилась в этот город ну просто сразу!!!!! Такой красивый, и главное - теплый!!! Здесь все так прекрасно!! Спасибо вам огромное!!! Я так благодарна вам всем за помощь!!! Это ведь моя мечта сбылась!!! Обожаю вас!!!! Линктурс - просто супер!!!!!!:DDDDDDDD

P.S. Мне до сих пор кажется, что я сплю!!!


Southampton Solent University (UK), Law with European Studies



Пишу с новостями, потому что просто не могу держать весь восторг в себе! У всех биологов каждый день расписан, в прямом смысле, по минутам. в течение года, я поняла, что у нас будут не только лекции, но и много, МНОГО выездов на природу, чтобы наблюдать диких животных в их естественной среде. Нам сказали, что нам даже нужен будет бинокль и (!) Настоящий белый биологический халат. "Я - биолог. Ха." Fascinating! Кампус мне очень нравится. Все очень логично. Я уже тороплюсь на следущее занятие.


Anglia Ruskin University (UK), Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare



I am studying BA Interior Design at the University of Portsmouth.  I really enjoy my course, the tasks we are given and our tutors. We even had a trip to Paris to take inspiration for one of our projects. So far I have only positive impressions from my studies, the regular student events organised by the University and the general atmosphere. There are special events for international students which help you to make new friends at the University and settle into life in the UK. Portsmouth is a very nice place to live in or to visit.  It has many historic and very beautiful places.  For me its very important that we have the sea and a lovely beach.


University of Portsmouth (UK), Interior Design



I have the best impression about my school - I just love to be here. Teaching quality is excellent - I enjoy every lecture. I think that coming to England was my best decision so far :) The service of Linkturs was excellent. I did not have motivation to do all the paper work and research on my own, and I was not sure that I would be able to do everything right, that's why I decided to ask help in your agency and that was worth the money. Everything was done effectively and communication from your side was fast and clear. So thank you for the service. :)


Southampton Solent University (UK), International Tourism Management

Мне всё очень нравится. Почти так, как я всё представлял ещё в Латвии. В университете прекрасная студия. Современные камеры, оооочень большая библиотека. Доступ к интернету и т.д. =) С языком проблем нет, очень хорошие преподаватели. Очень много практики. Нет бессмыленных заданий, преподаватели пытаются связать весь материал с реальным миром и показать где конкретные навыки будут нужны. Вот сейчас университет делает документальный фильм про строительство новой школы и я в нём участвую. Классно! =))
University of Wolverhampton (UK), Video and Film Production



Well, basicaly, teaching process depends on student himself, because 2/3 of learning time is for home-studies. What concerns University and it's teachers - they are helpfull, ready to help you if you don't understand something. I just wanted to express my gratitude for helping me, thanks for interest in my studies, I really appreciate that.

University of Bradford (UK), Electrical and Electronic Engineering