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14th of May at 4pm

Scholarship programmes and Distance learning programmes in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and UK.


At Linkturs Egypt office

Office 302, Building 49, Sudan Street (Khair Zaman), El Mohandseen, Cairo

Registration for the seminar is obligatory

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Phone: +2 016 292 83 42


National Aviation University of Ukraine

The National Aviation University (NAU) is the largest aviation university in Ukraine. During years of its existence the University has trained thousands  of  specialists  for   160   countries  and continues to provide training in promising areas. The University surely goes ahead. Progressive trends of modern education are fully implemented in training. Experienced faculty, advanced educational facilities as well as modern informational technologies contribute to the effectiveness of study and formation of future specialists personality.

One of the priorities of the University is the integration into the international research and education area. The University has joined the Bologna Convention that makes it possible to integrate scientists' efforts and to improve students mobility. The University professors and students carry out wide range of research with universities of Great Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, France, South Korea and other countries.

The University successfully collaborates with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Two ICAO European Subregional Training Centres have been inaugurated in the framework of the University. Both Centres implement the TRAINAIR Methodology on the basis of ICAO Standards and Recommended practices.

Study programmes offered in English:

  • Aircraft and rocket engineering
  • Maintenance of Aircraft
  • Aero navigation
  • Power – plant engineering
  • Automatization and Computer – Integrated Technologies
  • Computer engineering
  • Software engineering
  • Radio engineering
  • Electronic devices and systems
  • Electrical engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Construction
  • Transportation technologies
  • Ecology, Environmental protection and natural resources management
  • Systems programming
  • Industrial and civil engineering
  • Aircraft engine manufacturing
  • Air traffic services

Tuition fees:
Starting from 3150 EUR per year

Scholarships available for Egyptian students, covering the accommodation costs. For more information, please contact

Zaporizhzhya State Medical University

Zaporozhye State Medical University is a self-governing, modern, multiprofile higher educational institution of the IV-th (the top) level of accreditation. The University is a center of training MD, Masters of Pharmacy and Bachelors for Ukraine and foreign countries. Its history goes back to the Higher Women Courses organized in Odessa in 1903. In 1921 the Courses were reorganized into the Chemical-Pharmaceutical Institute. In 1959 it was transferred from Odessa to Zaporozhye.

In 1994 it got the status of Zaporozhye State Medical University the main objective of which is training of highly-qualified practitioners and establishing mutually beneficial relations with the research institutes of Ukraine and foreign countries. It has gained authority and recognition by training foreign citizens from Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, USA and Canada for more than 35 years. More than 35.000 specialists have got medical and pharmaceutical education and are working now in more than 100 countries of the world, taking up high positions in the public health systems of their countries. At present more than 6000 students are being trained at the University. There are 1200 foreign students among them.

Study programes offered in English:

  • General Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Pharmacy
  • Technology of perfumery-cosmetic facilities
  • Clinical studies

Tution fees:
Starting from 3900 EUR/per year


Scholarships available for Egyptian students, covering the accommodation costs. For more information, please contact

Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics

Founded in 1930, Kharkiv National University of Radio and Electronics (KHNURE) is one of the oldest schools in Ukraine. It grows dynamically today and its research and educational capabilities in electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, information and computer technologies have no equals in Ukraine and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Despite the difficulties of Ukraine’s economic transition, not only has the University preserved its knowledge base; but it has also contributed to the areas critical to the technical and scientific aspects of the national economy.

The idea of the national renaissance is the cornerstone to the University’s active philosophy. One of the most progressive and perspective state schools, KHNURE takes pride in its role in building an independent Ukraine. It is a modern school, which welcomes youth not only from Ukraine, but from many other countries as well.

The progress of the University goes along with implementing the development concept based on such priorities as integration into the European and world systems of higher education; participation in state social programs for educational improvement through building systems for correspondence and distance learning and retraining, raising professionally and socially sound generation of citizens ready to work actively and responsibly for the future of the society and the country.

Study programmes offered in English:

  • Computer systems and networks
  • Economic Cybernete
  • Telecommunication systems and networks
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biomedical engineering

Tution fees: 
1650  EUR/per year


Scholarships available for Egyptian students, covering the accommodation costs. For more information, please contact


Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Today Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia is one of the leading state higher educational institutions of Russia. It is the only university in the world every year uniting students from 140 countries. The University has a multiprofile structure of faculties and majors, typical for classical universities of the world. More than 77 thousand graduates of the University work in 170 countries, among them more than 5500 holders of PhD and Doctorate degrees. Specialists are prepared in 62 majors and lines of study. More than 29 thousand graduate and postgraduate students from 140 countries are currently studying at the university. They represent more than 450 nations and nationalities of the world.

Study programmes offered in English:

  • Innovation management
  • Oil and gas management
  • Management (International trade)
  • Management (International marketing)
  • Information systems and civil engineering
  • Theoretical and mathematical physics
  • Chemistry of the environments
  • Real estate economists in the agroindustial complex
  • Agronomy
  • La (International protection of human rights)
  • Journalism
  • Theoretical and applied linguistics
  • Comparative philosophy
  • International relations
  • Economics of natural resources management
  • Environmental biotechnology
  • Foreign regional science
  • Communication theory and international public relations

Tution fees:
Starting from 2600  EUR/per year

Scholarships available for Egyptian students, covering full year tuition fees. For more information, please contact


Information Systems Management Institute  (ISMA)

(Distance learning programmes)

Information Systems Management Institute  (ISMA) is an excellent choice for the people who aspire to get the modern higher education for successful professional career.

ISMA is a higher educational establishment, which is well known both in Latvia and abroad with the permanent accreditation received. We offer you the opportunity of education for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in the sphere of business administration, information technologies and the interpreter in entrepreneurship. The programs have been prepared and are provided with highly qualified professors, lecturers and specialists from the leading branches of entrepreneurship, management, culture information technologies and show business.

Study programmes offered in English:
           1st level study programmes

  • Environment design
  • Entrepreneurship in the Field of Real Estate
  • Marketing and Trade
  • Entrepreneurship in Restaurant Business
  • Finances and Banking
  • Insurance
  • Project Management in the Field of Culture

           Professional Bachelor’s Degree Study Programmes

  • Business Administration
  • Tourism Management
  • Information systems

           Master’s Degree Study Programme

  • Business Administration
  • Computer systems
  • International Marketing and Trade

            Doctor's Degree Study Programme

  • Business Administration
  • Doctoral studies admission

Tution fees:
1800 USD/per year

United Kingdom

University of Glyndwr

University of Glyndwr is the state university, founded in 1887. Graduates are awarded the degree of University of WALES-the second largest UK university.  Has a great campus facilities, modern and comfortable residence for students, sports center and playing fields, scientific and technical laboratory research centers.
Has close ties with the industry of Wales - company Airbus, Toyota, Jaguar, Kellogg's and other large companies UK, Europe and the world.
Carries out joint projects in the leading British universities such as University of Cambridge, Manchester and Birmingham. Leading Russian universities, Bauman MSTU, Togliatti State University, are partners at the University Glyndwr

Bachelor programmes offered:

  • Creative Industries, Media and Performance
  • Early Childhood Studies
  • Education
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computing
  • Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Health and Medical Sciences
  • Management

Master programmes offered:

  • Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computing
  • Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Society and Community

Scholarships available for Egyptian students!!!
For more information, please contact us –

London School of Business and Finance (Distance learning programmes)


The mission of London School of Business and Finances is to prepare students for leadership, excellence and success. We believe that the best way to achieve this is to provide a personal experience for each student. We invest all our efforts in transforming our students into dynamic professionals with a global perspective.

Our groundbreaking programmes bring together academic knowledge and highly valued practical skills. They develop both professionalism and management competence, creating innovative leaders with the ability to succeed in challenging situations. By combining professional qualifications with academic degrees, LSBF gives students the strongest possible foundation for success in any business environment.

We believe that accounting, marketing and human resource professionals are the backbone of business, and should possess first-class management skills. Our vision is to drive change through industry by addressing both professional and managerial training needs. The LSBF’s unique and relevant programmes will bring great benefits to students, employers and the overall economy.
We are proud to provide a vibrant, creative and inspiring atmosphere to develop your potential.

Study programmes offered:

  • Accopunting accredited by ACCA and CIMA
  • CFA®
  • MBA
  • Msc in Finance
  • Msc in Marketing

Tution fees:
For more information, please contact us at

London Waterloo Academy (distance learning programmes)


London Waterloo Academy is an independent education provider since 2009. All programmes follow the specific requirements of the relevant UK examination authorities and lead to degrees awarded by British Universities, or qualifications recognised and accepted by professional institutions. Each of the educational programmes has been carefully selected for its relevance to the modern professional environment and for its recognition of competency.

Study programmes offered:

  • Maritime Management IC

Tuition fees:

Starting from 2845 GBP/per year

Informational seminar on 14th of May

Scholarship programmes and Distance learning programmes in Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and UK.

Apply now!!!